0000000 Experts and Epistemic Authorities (Thienenkamp)

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Emil-Figge-Straße 50, 2.213 Public and political discourse during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus the relationship between laypersons and experts, but also, more generally, questions relating to epistemic deference. Should we (as laypersons) believe experts when they make claims within their domain of expertise? If so, how can laypersons identify the correct experts to trust? In what exact way might expert testimony affect our reasons for or against believing a given proposition? What does it mean to be an epistemic authority relative to another person? In this seminar, we will discuss these and similar questions arising within recent debates in social epistemology, such as the preemption debate. Literatur: Literature will be provided on Moodle. Note: Seminar sessions may take place either in person or on ZOOM. The first session will take place in person.