030120 Topics in Philosophy of Language, Logic, and Information: Attitudes and their objects (Liefke, Rami)

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Assume that Gregor imagines turning into a beetle. Intuitively, this is different both from Gregor imagining a beetle and from Gregor imagining (turning into) a vermin (even if all beetles are vermin). This seminar introduces current philosophical research on mental states like imagination and their metaphysical objects (e.g. possibilities, fictional entities). To facilitate access to this area, the seminar will combine topical introductions (by Kristina Liefke and Dolf Rami) with presentations by well-known researchers (e.g. Alex Grzankowski, Justin D'Ambrosio, Friederike Moltmann). Students will have the opportunity to earn a ‘kleine Studienleistung’ [3 CPs] (by writing a summary of one of the expert presentations, or by giving an in-class talk) and a ‘große Studienleistung’ [6 CPs] (by additionally writing a research paper).