030103 Epistemology of Inquiry (Seselja)

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How should we inquire to achieve epistemic goals? This question is situated at the intersection of the epistemology of inquiry, social epistemology and philosophy of science. On the one hand, the recent “zetetic” turn in epistemology kick-started a series of papers examining the relationship between epistemic norms, which guide rational belief formation, and zetetic norms, which guide rational inquiry. On the other hand, norms of inquiry have long been discussed in philosophy of science within the theme of pursuit-worthiness of scientific theories (what makes theories worthy of pursuit?), and in social epistemology within the theme of social organization of science and the division of cognitive labor. In this seminar we will discuss central papers from each of these domains, aiming to identify links between them, issues under dispute and open research questions. The seminar aims to connect traditional discussions in philosophy of science and social epistemology with the frontier of research in zetetic epistemology.