030092 Animal Consciousness (Kammerer)

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Are non-human animals conscious – and which ones? – apes, dogs, birds, fish, bees, crabs? For those who are conscious, how do they experience the world ? – and how can we know this, since it seems that we cannot ask them directly, and given that competing theories of consciousness abound and give different verdicts about what is required for consciousness? This question is difficult, and yet it seems extremely important, both from a theoretical point of view, and to determine the moral status of animals. In this course, we will approach the question of animal consciousness, mainly through Michael Tye’s 2017 book “Tense Bees and Shell-Shocked Crabs”. | | | Preliminary reference list: Tye, Michael (2016). Tense Bees and Shell-Shocked Crabs: Are Animals Conscious? Oxford University Press