030091 Philosophy of Film (Liefke)

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This course introduces current topics in the philosophy of communication and mind through the lens of (the philosophy of) film. Following an introduction to pictorial representation and its properties, we will explore different ways of influencing representation in film. This influence is exerted, e.g., through storytelling (the particular choice of narrator/protagonist, their reliability, and the temporal order of narration), through the position and angle of the camera (as well as the location of cuts between scenes), and through the inclinations and inhibitions of the audience (e.g. in cases of imaginative resistance, where the viewer fails to take a filmic representation at face value). The bulk of the course will be concerned with discussing these influences. All discussions will be supported by film clips (e.g. from Fight Club (1999), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)). Since some relevant topics stem from the philosophy of fiction and video games, the course will take detours into these areas.