030106 Writing a Bachelor or Master Thesis in English (Seselja, Straßer)

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Takes place 12.04., 19.04, 17.05., 31.05., 28.06., 14:15-17:30, Wasserstr. 221/4
In this course we will cover the basics of academic writing of philosophy theses and essays (including seminar papers, BA and MA theses), focusing on the following issues: How to structure and organize an academic article? How to concisely express the main theses and aims of the paper? How to develop strong arguments? How to find the relevant sources? And so forth. The seminar is targeted at students who are in the process of writing a Bachelor or Master thesis, or who will do so soon. Students have opportunities to present ideas and drafts of chapters. In the seminar these contributions will be examined in terms of academic language, argumentative structure, style, etc. Students will give (guided) peer review of the contributions. The seminar will take place in five blocks (April 12, April 19, May 17, May 31, June 28), each time at 14:15-17:30. In addition, students will have individual (online) coaching sessions in between the blocks.