030005 Introduction into Cognitive Science (Newen, Rose, Schlicht)

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The lecture is offered in English only. Philosophy students can participate in this intensely interdisciplinary lecture to learn central concepts and methods in cognitive science. Cognitive science developed into a central basis of modern philosophy of mind, epistemology and theories of AI systems. Thus, we offer philosophy students (in all programs) insight into Cognitive Science. A precondition is a very good performance in the logic course in philosophy. The lecture can be used to earn an ungraded certificate on the basis of a written exam. Philosophy students can choose a focus on theoretical concepts but also have to learn central knowledge in cognitive neuroscience as well as computational modelling. | | | Date Topic CogSci 17.10.2023 Theoretical Frameworks in Cognitive Science 1 24.10.2023 Cognitive Neuroscience of Perception 31.10.2023 Theoretical Frameworks in Cognitive Science 2 07.11.2023 Theories of Consciousness 14.11.2023 Cognitive models of semantics and pragmatics 21.11.2023 Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion 28.11.2023 Theories of Emotion 05.12.2023 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory 12.12.2023 Theory of Perception and Cognition 19.12.2023 Stress and its role for cognitive abilities 09.01.2024 Computational approaches to Cognitive Science 16.01.2024 Reinforcement Learning in the Brain 1 23.01.2024 Reinforcement Learning in the Brain 2 30.01.2024 Supervised Learning in Neural Networks The literature will be provided via moodle during the course.