030111 Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: Concepts, Computation, & Connectionism (Werning)

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This seminar delves into the philosophical questions surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a focus on the fundamental concepts it employs, the computational nature of intelligence, and the role of connectionism in AI development. Key questions explored: What is intelligence? Can it be replicated in machines? What is the nature of computation? How is it related to thought and reasoning? Do AI systems possess concepts. Do they have cognition? What are the philosophical implications of symbolic and connectionist approaches to AI? Can AI achieve consciousness, free will, and true understanding? What are the ethical and societal implications of advanced AI? Through critical discussions, readings, and presentations, you will engage with: Classical philosophers like Turing, Fodor, Searle Contemporary thinkers in AI and cognitive science Symbolic AI: Knowledge representation, reasoning systems, and compositionality Connectionist AI: Artificial neural networks, deep learning, and large language models Philosophical debates on consciousness, intentionality, and the mind-body problem Aside from active participation, participants will be expected to give a presentation in English. Assistance regarding the English language will be provided.